TWiV 29: Swine flu returns

April 27, 2009

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dick Despommier, and Alan Dove

Vincent, Dick, and Alan talk about insect and human dengue virus host proteins, equine vaccine for WNV and EEEV, return of swine flu to humans, spread of polio in Africa, and listener email.

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Links for this episode:

  • Discovery of insect and human dengue virus host proteins
  • Immunize your horse with PreveNile
  • Swine flu returns to California, Texas, Mexico
  • Polio spreads from Nigeria to 15 African countries
  • Dead Chinese woman on Russian train: no SARS or influenza
  • Jenny McCarthy body count
  • Ten dumbass reasons why people don’t get their flu shots

Science blog of the week: Science-based medicine
Science podcast pick of the week: WNYC’s Radio Lab
Science book of the week: Flu by Gina Kolata

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  • Peter Balfe

    You mentioned podcasts in the curriculum and the use of TWIV. Just for information, you're on the curriculum here at the University of Birmingham (the one in England, not Alabama!).

  • profvrr

    That's great to know! We'll mention it on TWiV. As usual, England is
    ahead of the USA.

  • drjrb2

    With regard to the origin of viruses, it is worth noting that viral genomes are themselves a record of evolution. Perhaps Eugene Koonin would be a good person to discus this idea on your podcast.

  • profvrr

    They are, but we lack all the intermediates to trace the evolution.
    Dr. Koonin has agreed to to an upcoming TWiV.

  • drjrb2

    That should be fun.

  • drjrb2

    Woops, I meant to add this: Here is a paper that discusses some viral/cellular evolution issues:… It is open access, though one may have to register to see it.

  • Swine Flu Mask

    Hope it will gone immediately

  • N95 Swine Flu Masks

    Swine flu seemed different that it first affected humans and it was a human who then transmitted that back to a pig…. i wonder if the other diseases were also started in similar trail…?

  • derekcbart


    I am the creator of the Jenny McCarthy Body Count. I recently learned about your mentioning my site and I just listened to the episode. I'm glad that you liked it.

    Thanks for the mention and the link.

    Derek Bartholomaus

  • profvrr

    Thanks for doing that site, Derek. It's brilliant. I've heard from
    many people who like it and their compliments are all for you. For
    example, a parent with an autistic child told me it was wonderful.

  • online bingo

    hopefully a vaccine will be developed real soon
    and death rate won't increase

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