TWiV 48: Outbreaks near you

September 6, 2009

outbreaks-near-meHosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dick Despommier, Alan Dove, and Rich Condit

Vincent, Dick, Alan and Rich revisit a vaccinia virus lab accident and viral vaccines produced in plants, then talk about an iPhone app to track infectious diseases, flying foxes, and an inhaled measles vaccine.

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  • Justanothersomeone

    This comment does not have much to do with this episode but, I thought it would be a great idea for a really fun Halloween show. If you could do a show on “The Zombie Apocalypse”. Maybe talk about all the virus's that under the right conditions could cause this serious calamity.

    Thank you,


    P.S. Please don't forget about the brains. . . . . BRAINS!!!!!

  • Ed Rybicki

    Enjoyed the 'cast – and it's Rih-beets-key, BTW…B-)

    Hepatitis B in bananas was a hype idea, and it's dead. Growing plants inside – is what is happening, and if you realise that there are glasshouses for growing cut flowers or tomatoes (meaning it's economical) that cover tens of acres…and tobacco can yield a couple tonnes / acre, and vaccines could yield a gram a kilo…you realise the potential for producing a LOT of vaccine in just one (big) greenhouse. So no need to grow outside, and no controversy.

    And I've met Rich Condit but he doesn't remember.

  • Ed Rybicki

    PS: I have stayed with the Moyers in Florida too. Never been to a Gators game, but have a shirt….

  • poxdoc

    How do you know I don't remember? Even if I don't. So remind me. Sounds like you visited us in Florida.

  • Ed Rybicki

    Florida, 1990…and 1993. Stayed with Moyers both times BUT did not visit the lab.

  • Ed Rybicki

    Florida, 1990…and 1993. Stayed with Moyers both times BUT did not visit the lab. Met you, Rich, at one or other ICV – like Canada 1987, Berlin 1990, Scotland 1993, Israel 1996, Sydney 1992, Paris 2002…?