TWiV 137: Look what the dog dragged in

June 12, 2011

dog_humanHosts: Vincent Racaniello, Alan Dove, Rich Condit, Dickson Despommier, Amit Kapoor, and Ian Lipkin

The TWiV team speaks with Amit Kapoor and Ian Lipkin about how they discovered canine hepacivirus, and its implications for the origin and evolution of hepatitis C virus.

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Weekly Science Picks

Alan – What do marine mammals eat? (YouTube)
NIH rocket boys
Dickson – Cytomegalovirus needs an antiviral protein (Science)
Vincent – All pdfs free at National Academy of Science Press

Listener Pick of the Week

Adriana and Ye Jung  – The man who was cured of AIDS (article one and two)

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  • Alan Dove

    Vincent, where the hell did you get that picture? It’s perfect for this episode, of course, but also intensely creepy.

  • profvrr

    It’s just a photo of my son’s dog :)

  • Richard Gruis

    wow a human looking dog spooky and challenging and thought provoking