Portable TWiV studio

April 14, 2013

Portable TWiV studio

  • http://twitter.com/C_YF 御不凡

    Very interested in this! What are included?

  • http://www.virology.ws profvrr

    OK, since you asked. The white thing on top is an 8-track digital recorder and mixer. I plug the mics into that, it records everyone on a separate channel, and I can output the mix to the sound system of the room I am in.

    Also in the bag are microphones (AT831B mini cardioid lavalier mic), which I clip on to the guests shirts; XLR cables to connect the microphones to the mixer; extension cord and power strip.

    I also bring with me my laptop for reading the show notes and an iPad in case I need an extra source or if the laptop dies.

    I do about 6 road trips a year for TWiV and do all the setup/breakdown myself. Hectic but it works.