August 2015

Host: Vincent Racaniello Guest: Michele Banks Vincent meets up with Michele Banks in Washington, DC to discuss her career as a creator of science-themed art. Click arrow to play Download TWiV 352 (30 MB .mp3, 42 min) Subscribe (free): iTunes, RSS, email Links for this episode Michele Banks on Twitter Artologica Michele’s blog The Finch and the Pea Joseph Cornell Not Exactly […]


TWiV 351: The dengue code

August 23, 2015

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dickson Despommier, Alan Dove, Rich Condit, and Kathy Spindler The Masters of the ScienTWIVic Universe discuss a novel poxvirus isolate from an immunosuppressed patient, H1N1 and the gain-of-function debate, and attenuation of dengue virus by recoding the genome. Click arrow to play Download TWiV 351 (77 MB .mp3, 104 min) Subscribe (free): iTunes, RSS, email Links for this episode Paula Pitha-Rowe […]


Host: Vincent Racaniello Guest: Katherine A. High Vincent speaks with Katherine High about her career and her work on using viral gene therapy to treat inherited disorders. This episode is drawn from one of twenty-six video interviews with leading scientists who have made significant contributions to the field of virology, part of the new edition of the textbook Principles […]


Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Alan Dove, and Rich Condit Vincent, Alan and Rich explain how to make a functional ribosome with tethered subunits, and review the results of a phase III VSV-vectored Ebolavirus vaccine trial in Guinea. Click arrow to play Download TWiV 349 (80 MB .mp3, 111 min) Subscribe (free): iTunes, RSS, email Links for this episode Social media specialist position at ASM […]

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TWiV 348: Chicken shift

August 2, 2015

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Rich Condit Vincent and Rich discuss fruit fly viruses, one year without polio in Nigeria, and a permissive Marek’s disease viral vaccine that allows transmission of virulent viruses. Click arrow to play Download TWiV 348 (77 MB .mp3, 106 min) Subscribe (free): iTunes, RSS, email Links for this episode Virology tenure-track position at NCI (pdf) 9:30 ASM Agar Art Contest 11:00 Nigeria on brink of polio […]