TWiV 204: M m m my corona

October 21, 2012

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Alan Dove, Matt Frieman, and Kathy Spindler Vincent, Alan, Matt and Kathy review isolation of a new coronavirus from two patients in the Middle East, and expansion of the enteric virome during simian AIDS. Click the arrow above to play, or right-click to download TWiV 204 (66 MB .mp3, 96 minutes). Subscribe to TWiV […]


Host: Vincent Racaniello (Wikipedia entry, and photo with Hilary Koprowski) Guests: Alan Dove and Angela Rasmussen Vincent, Alan, and Angela discuss Kuru, prions in milk, ancient lentiviruses found in the chromosomes of lemurs, a respiratory syncytial virus vaccine failure in the 1960s, and recent outbreaks of H5N1 influenza in chickens. Click the arrow above to play, or right-click […]