Threading the NEIDL

For episode #200, the TWiV team went behind-the-scenes in a biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) laboratory. Produced by MicrobeWorld of the American Society for Microbiology and Boston University School of Medicine.

Threading the NEIDL from microbeworld on Vimeo.

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  • Marianne Stanford-Bleeks

    Absolutely great video! Nice to see all the engineering that goes into creating such an incredible space!

  • Bayega Anthony

    Absolutely amazing, how am praying this place gets working soon. Maximum security, safety and containment possible in our day. Thanks for the video, I was completely hooked and realised at the end that I had been smiling for the whole hour.

  • Rob Loch Raineach

    Awesome… It is an amazing look inside the world of virology and everything behind a bsl-4. Thanks.

  • Mauri

    very good video. Being a scientist I’m not envy of people that will work there. Try to imagine, if you have ever worked in a lab, what does it mean to stay the whole day embedded in a suite.
    More, I really do not understand why did they built this facility in the very center of a crowded town. I’m sure it is safe but … why do you want to add an even sub-decimal risk. You want to have it close to Boston? Do it in a less crowded area.

  • JakePharmD

    I probably never would have been able to see the inside of a facility like this without the help of TWiV and Dr. Racaniello (great cast as well). Big thanks for this production! Starting to wish I was a virologist…

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