Virus structure

Helical Symmetry


Icosahedral Symmetry


Enveloped with helical nucleocapsid (influenza virus)

influenza-virionEnveloped with icosahedral nucleocapsid (herpesvirus)


Complex symmetry (poxvirus)


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    I had learned the structures of different viruses and its effect when I’m still on my high school days. We cannot predict if when these viruses do would attack. The main thing that we should do to avoid it is to have a healthy living.

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    Brilliant post guys, Its really superb work guys, and your explaining style is too good.


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    very nice and easily understood,thanks.

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    very informative.thnx it makes my study easier

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    this page makes everything come together in a simpler form…. :)

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    These illustrations are meant to accompany the TWiV podcast episode on virus structure:

  • rahmeen

    why virus is exluded from the five kingdom classification?

  • jack mogisa

    a virus cannot live independently outside a host cell because it cannot metabolize to create energy or synthesize amino acids to produce proteins or replicate itself. Therefore outside a host cell, a virus is non-living and only living organisms are classified into 5 kingdoms.

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    Dear Dr. Racaniello, how to understand the virus Icosaherdral symmetry with different triangular number?? can you please provide me some material…
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